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About us
- The Alpha Academy provide with associated partners support to especially-talented and gifted children
- At the Alpha Academy is possible to receive basic and further training for interested individuals on personality development training and other related topics.
- Especially for the younger generations an unique training program basing on Socrates’ ideas along with a local registered association has been created There are some children who show particular talent or gift in a special area, yet are not able to develop their full potential because their talents are not furthered in the way the children would need it to be.
If your child is especially skilled in one or more areas, please take a look at the special educational programs that exist.
Being gifted or talented is defined as children and young people showing particular propensity to understanding or undertaking things far beyond the scope of their peers.
• Being 'gifted' means to be especially skilled in one or more academic subjects, like Mathematics or Languages
• Being 'talented' means to be very skilled in areas like Sports, Music, Design or Arts
Skills like guidance abilities, managerial abilities and organisation skills are also important for the question of gift and talent.
The first to go to if you think your child might be gifted or talented is the school of your child. Another institution you can turn to are local authorities whose field of responsibility includes the furthering of gifted or talented children.

Why further gifted or talented children? Schools may not be able to show them special care. This is only logical, seeing that schools have to see to the education of every student. Some schools might have additional programs for gifted or talented children.

We have the vision to further talented and gifted children. For this, we are establishing the Alpha Academy for gifted and talented children.
The Program for gifted and talented children has been established in order to prove chances for gifted and talented children and young people aged 4 to 19

The Alpha Academy offers participation possibilities in various events, wherein talents or gifts are to be furthered. That way, it is not only methodical learning but also discovering and participating while having fun. Thos events also provide the chance to get to know other talented or gifted children and young people, who they can become acquainted, discuss and have fun with.

The Alpha Academy and Associated Partner Experts also provides information and inspiration for anyone involved in the education of gifted and talented children and young people.
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About us
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